Yeon Ryoo

Below are the projects I have done throughout the semester:

Unit 1

For this project I wanted to create an easy tool for watching and giving feedbacks to the government. The website broadcasts live webcam video of things that are happening at each government branches. The viewer can comment feely and the comments will be shown to the government at real time. I believe this will not only spark interesting and hopefully progressive conversations but also put more limits and thoughts to what government is doing. See Project

Unit 2

This project was a continuation of the previous project. Rather than having a broad category of the government branches, this project specifies on the Providence City Hall. Here, the physical location of the City Hall and Kenney Plaza is utilized to convert the Kenndy Plaza as a place for conversations, encounters, and participation of democracy. See Project

Unit 3

For this project I have created an alternate interface for Facebook, designed to break the “dark pattern” and prompt the users to break out from the frame and view Facebook from different angles. Within this piece, users are forced to make connections between Facebook and labor and further investigate the self-identity within the frame of Facebook. See Project

Wikipedia research

See Project