Week 1

Week 1: Sept 11, 2017

Opening lecture

Review Syllabus

Who are we?

Organizational structures

Each of you will contribute a presentation, in web form, to the rest of the class.

Creation of class pact

Unit 1: Public sites

Every group shares objects, space, etc — a resource is called ‘public’ when it refers to something state-owned. How the group manages its resources and tends to what is common is critical to the vitality of the group. Democracy is an ideal system of government, but it is rarely justly applied. Who occupies public space in the U.S. has always been contentious. This unit seeks to understand the state of our public possessions, in Providence specifically, and a desire to invest everyone within them. An abandonment of what is public is an abandonment of what holds the group together.

Week 1

We will take a walking tour and seek out public sites, noting the differences between public and private spaces. I want each of you to choose a public space, thing or institution to work with. What should everyone know about these sites? What and who is there? What is valuable or noteworthy? Who can you meet? How is the web currently a service or disservice to that space?

What is the difference between public and private? Make a list in small groups. What public institutions exist? Work together to expand the list of “Public …” phrases. As a group, we will make a list of what is public. And where should this go? Put here for now. #thingsthatarepublic

Project One

Choose one of the following directions.

For next week

Next week, communicate what you have learned about your site. Communicate early concepts of your site.