Yuexin Huo

Unit 1: East-Bay Biking Path Ecotherapy: Public Space

This project is aimed to develop the East-Bay Bike Path into an ecotherapy service that anyone can access at any time. The goal is to increase the awareness of the public site as well as bringing more values from the site to the public. With this project, more people should aware of the fact that the bike path brings a great opportunity for people to be with the nature and release their stress.

The project provides a platform encouraging people to spend their time on the bike path by establishing an ecotherapy service from the site. The process of the ecotherapy is not done by professionals but by the physical and mental interaction among people and the nature around the bike path. Mechanisms such as card collecting and therapy instructions are given to enhance the user experience. An app dedicated for constructing the bike path experience as well as a website promoting the idea were made.

Unit 2: City Council

The city council project was aimed at bringing city council meetings closer to the public and thus gain awareness. The project involves around an app that provides a platform for people to be involved into city councils. People would have opportunities to report any issues as well as demands regarding the city, and they will also have chance to talk to the councilmen directly. Councilmen also have chances to have conversations with people about any of the issues or concerns they have.

The goal of this project is to make people feel enpowered and care more about the future of the city as well as how the city council works under the environment where city councils aren’t participated much by the people.

Unit 3: UNPLUG, Rapture Day

This project focuses on helping people unplugging from the internet to epxlore and interact more in the physical world. The UNPLUG event trys to reach this goal by inviting a special, abnormal environment apart from the normal society to create an opportunity for people to do things that they wouldn’t usually do.

The UNPLUG features an app that would aid people gradually give up their normal code of conduct in the Rapture Day and open themselves up to explore out of their comfort zone. Inspired by Sitionists, the app have instructions helping people to be in their time and enjoy the moment they are in by doing certain things. The things would gradually become more and more challenging for an average people to complete, until they reach a point where it is dangerous enough for people to use survival instincts and tactics to get out of the situations.


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