Week 3

Introductory matter

For next week
11am Guest & In-Class Activity

Lecture Notes

Accessiblity is:

1998: Section 508.

iPhone release 2007

Web Standards Project HTML5 brought in new tags

Traditional stack worked for awhile. Single page app has made this problematic.

Angularjs and React

To Do:

Read 508 checklist

Austomated Testing tools

Try site out with a screen reader

Google Lighthouse tool - accessibility, performance.

Test your writing

A11yBos is a group in Boston. Find a person, test.

WCAG 2 is an international spec on accessibility

Consider bandwidth, page weight and performance as it relates to rural, low bandwidth, lower income or crisis situations.

Don’t wait until you are done building to think about accessibility

More to learn

Microsoft inclusive design toolkit

Per sona