Week 4

Project 1 critique

Design Office presentation

Unit 2: From private to public

Capitalism and democracy are strange bedfellows. Capitalism collects wealth and power, with that power seeking growth at all costs. In this unit, we seek how to divert our consumptive and creative attention away from private interests to the common good – to public interests. What can be learned from the tremendous innovation being funded by the private sector? How might innovations meant for ease and commerce be diverted into the social good in the form of tools, systems, and the like?


Week 4: Oct 2, 2017

Project Two: Visit the Providence City Council and propose a project based on the meeting. There are many things you could do (from augmented reality layers, to getting more people to attend, etc). Given the unit quesetion, consider how what the private sector has learned might work for the public.

Week 4: Oct 9, 2017