Week 12

We will be joined by Jodi Leo with stop-ins from some GD faculty. Because of this, I have times set aside for each presentation; and I want to stay on track if possible.

Individual critiques (8:40–11:20)

8:40 Yuexin
9:00 Lara
9:20 Miro
9:40 Mostyn
10:20 Jake
10:40 Ben
11:00 Mei
11:20 Yeon

Group projects (11:45-12:15)

Against Contests Miro, Lara
Civic Flag Installation Mostyn
“We Play” (park) Class version
I voted (web) sticker Recap by everyone

Class recap (12:30—1)

Let’s discuss remaining tasks, talk about course, evaluations.

Delivery of work

As discussed last week, you may revise/update/refine your projects from this semester and should commit the work to our GitHub repository in a folder of your name. If projects rely on external servers or cannot be added to the Repo, they may reside in another publicly accessible place. Create a post that links to your projects as well with titles, descriptions and screenshots for each project. Group projects may appear multiple times, but be sure to include.

Work should be completed by Thursday, Dec 14, 8am unless cleared by instructor.