Week 8


Crowdsourcing design manifesto

Share your writing via Google Docs. Let’s read and see what our points are.

John Marion on I Voted Sticker

John is a lobbyist working to better voting access and policies in Rhode Island. He recently posted a tweet asking for a I Voted RI sticker. Let’s have a conversation exploring the role of the sticker in an ‘early voting’ culture — might the sticker move into the Web space as well? As an avatar, etc. John may can give us a window into how the sticker has worked in the past, who still doesn’t vote, and more.

Based on the above conversation, design something in the next week that furthers the effort to get people out to the polls.

Also see the AIGA Get out the Vote case study and impact report

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Final project

Digital to physical

Can the Web, a “fast” medium (low effort, high volume), lead to “slower” more meaningful interactions/investments from constituents? In other words, how might the Web get someone off their screen and put their body alongside of others? Can the Web encourage participation from communities that tend to not participate in governance?

Discussion, Conversation and Debate

140 characters plus the like button have destroyed debate on the Internet. Early blogging felt more like publishing. How do we of differing opinions discuss now? How do you change someone’s mind? Can the Web facilitate this discussion, perhaps make the face-to-face discussion more palatable when it does happen? How do concerns over privacy affect free and open discussion?* Four classes left thereafter: Nov 6, Nov 13, Nov 27, Dec 4


Propose a project based on the concepts accrued so far in the course.