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Fujieda MYFC

//History of dress//


The current club was formed in 2010 as a merger of two clubs, Fujieda Nelson and Shizuoka FC. The My Football Club project bought Fujieda Nelson CF in 2008 and renamed them Fujieda MYFC. Then in 2010, My Football Club bought Shizuoka FC and merged the two clubs to form Shizuoka Fujieda MYFC and appointed Toshihide Saito as player/manager of the club.

On 2011, they took second place in the Regional League promotion series and therefore won promotion to the Japan Football League for the first time, becoming the third representative of the prefecture in the national leagues. They then dropped the Shizuoka from their name and become just Fujieda MYFC.

After finishing 13th in the Japan Football League in 2013, the club were accepted in the inaugural J. League Division 3 which is to be competed in 2014. Following the club's acceptance, player/manager Toshihide Saito decided to leave the club. On 7 January 2014, Musashi Mizushima was appointed as manager, following Saito's resignation. In 2015 Atsuto Oishi was appointed manager and trainer.

Fujieda play their home games at two different stadiums, with home matches split between the two grounds. One of the stadiums is the Fujieda Sports Complex Park which has a capacity of 13,000. The other stadium is the Fujieda Citizen Ground, which was opened in 1967 and has a capacity of 3,000.

//Fan Participation Model//

When a sports team is owned via either a collective organisation or where the assumption of majority ownership by a small group is prohibited by the club's constitution or governing documents. This model exists throughout sports at every level around the world. For the MyFC model, the same practice is being done in 11 countries mostly in germany. Attempts in the US to adopt this model in the soccer world have failed on two occasions, ledaing to conflict of interest.

The system works on a yearly subsrciption fee, where on top of the cost per games/ season tickets you also have to pay this additional fee. With it comes a few responsibilities, including the ability to vote on management related hirings or player acquirement during the transfer window.

The owners then vote online on decisions with members of the board receiving the feedback. They are also allowed to visit the team press conferences and receive priroity on all club gear and seating. The membership to be considered part of the "supporters club" is about $1,800 or 200,000円.

//Fan decline//

Crowdsourcing is a specific sourcing model in which individuals or organizations use contributions from Internet users to obtain needed services or ideas. Crowdsourcing was coined in 2005 as a portmanteau of crowd and outsourcing.

Even as early as September 2008, commentators noted that participation in votes on the MyFC website had decreased since the initial takeover decision, raising concerns about the ability of MyFootballClub, the industrial and provident society, to cover the continued losses at the club. It was reported in November 2009 that an estimated 23,000 members that had originally signed up prior to the takeover of Ebbsfleet F.C. no longer visited the site, nor contributed towards memberships, leaving around 9,000 active members. By February 2010, the time of the next renewal date for the bulk of the members, it emerged that the renewal rate had fallen to 20% leaving around 5000 members.

Despite some hardships Fujieda MYFC is currently still playing and still a viable club model. The team has not been relegated and fan attendance is steadily rising. No numbers could be found on the number of current owners, but lists it 30,000 peak users once coming from over 70 countries.